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Downloading the WinFrame Web Client for Navigator Plug-In

NOTE: Users of 32-bit Internet Explorer 3.0 do not need to download a plug-in! The WinFrame Web Client for Explorer will automatically load to your system from the Demo Room.

Step 1.

Download the appropriate WinFrame Web Client for Navigator plug-in to a temporary directory:
     Windows 95/Windows NT WinFrame Web Client Plugin
                 198 KB, 32-bit
     Windows 3.X/Windows for Workgroups WinFrame Web Client Plugin
                 149 KB, 16-bit

Step 2.

Run the installation (click on either WFPLUG32 or WFPLUG16 in the temp directory you've saved the file to).

Step 3.

Bookmark this page in your browser, then exit the browser.

Step 4.

Restart the browser, and choose the bookmark for this page. Follow the link below to our demo room!

(version date 9/3/96)

Note for Netscape Communicator Users:
There are some plugin issues involving Netscape Navigator and Netscape Communicator installed on the same system. Because Netscape Communicator uses the same path registry variable (Netscape.exe) as Netscape Navigator, the WinFrame plugin will install to the directory of the first browser on the system -- usually Navigator.
There's a workaround, however. The WinFrame ICA Plugin DLL (NPICAN.DLL for 32-bit systems, NPICAW.DLL for 16-bit) simply needs to be copied to the Communicator plugin directory. Copy the plugin DLL from the Navigator program directory, most likely at the following path:
C:\Program Files\Netscape\Navigator\Program\Plugins
Copy the appropriate NPICA*.DLL to:
C:\Program Files\Netscape\Communicator\Program\Plugins
Contact Citrix's demo support at if you need assistance.

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